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KoC Power - Multilang (Update)

Hey Ladys and Lords, After a long update break i present you the new Update here is the Changelog from the latest Updates: KoC Power – Multilang (Userscripts / install Release Version / install Beta) Version: 1.3.8 * FIXED Typos in Options Tab * FIXED Auto Train Button not working… * ADD Amazingred’s modifications (keep all range items) for Throne room delete * ADD Scout and Cav to Crest Tab * ADD New User and Vip Avatars (thanks for Donation) Version: 1.3.7 * NEW Throne Tab * NEW Manual Reassign and Transport Tab * NEW Supply Tab to Manage the Ressource * NEW Auto Delete Throne Items * REWORKED Reassign,Auto Train and Train Tab  with some new Features and smaller layout * MOVED Wall Train Options to Auto Train Tab * ADD more base64 Images (troop images, smileys and some other…) * ADDNew User and Vip Avatars (thanks for Donation) * ADDThrone Speedups to Train, Build and other Tabs… (not visible) * FIXED March Time was not display correct * FIXED Speedups for WallBuild * FIXED Auto Publish to wall not working * FIXED some spelling issues in Langpacks  en/it/es/fr/tr/gr/pt * REMOVE  Dynamic Transport Tab * REMOVE Chatpane Plugin and bring it back to Main Script * UPDATE Movement Tab * CLEANUP small code cleanup * LANGPACK VERSION: 0.5.2 – 09/03/2012 Version: 1.3.6 * FIXED some stuff in Knight Tab * ADD Reassign now Button to Movement Tab * ADD New User and Vip Avatars (thanks for Donation) * REMOVE useless info from Reassign Tab * FIXED Auto Craft not saving Numbers * FIXED some spelling issue on Movement Tab Changelog in other Languages can be found here:   I wish you a lot fun with the Updates and KoC Scripts!   Regards PDX


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