KoC Power – Multilang | Changelog

latest changes:

# 29 / 06 / 2012
Version: 2.0.8
* NEW Salvage Type % Filter.
* FIX Salvage Throne Items Effects C load
* FIX mixed file coding. now are all UTF-8 (with BOM)
* FIX Border Radius
* FIX Quick Button for Tournament …
* FIX Stats tab
* FIX March tab Reinforcements recall button
* FIX translation: message for gifting failed
* FIX Lvl 11 Stone Guardian (getTroopDefTrainEstimates)
* FIX Style for Update Button
* FIX MapShowExtra/DrawLevelIcons
* FIX CSS Stuff on pdxInfoBox
* ADD HOTFIX DetectLoadError
* ADD Salvage Type Trophy
* ADD Images to Stats Tab
* ADD Province for MapShowExtra/DrawLevelIcons
* ADD Some Images
* ADD title and alt to Main and Quick Tab
* ADD Option to show/hide Hyperlinks Button above Chat
* ADD title to Hyperlinks Button
* ADD Button Item Salvage
* UPD pdxInfoBox
* UPD Gift Delete Button Multilang now
* UPD Vip Avatar
* UPD Stats Tab with Images
* UPD Delete gift messages now always German and English

# 28 / 05 / 2012
Version: 2.0.7
* ADD new file: plugins/tabs.js to Split the Script (to upload Release Version on Userscripts)
Version: 2.0.6
* NEW 3x different configurations (A B C) for salvage items with effect
* NEW Option for Reload Game if Crest Faild to Crest Tab
* NEW Options to Set 30 Player Backgrounds (from Old Power)
* NEW Option to Change Fontcolor and Background for Main Title
* NEW FunSounds -attack- -gun- -horn- are back
* NEW Langflag as avatar
* NEW Show Langflag above Chat
* NEW Option for Popup Border Radius
* NEW Salvage: Delete last X Items
* ADD if no effect is selected and no % is specified no item is deleted
* ADD Langflags to smileys.js (de) (en) (es) (fr) (tr) (pt) (it) (gr)
* ADD AutoFarm: deaktivated and notice added if not in an alliance
* FIXED missing syntax for Release Switch
* FIXED Salvage Filter uses incorrect value from Option
* FIXED (critical) logic error in Salvage Throne Items (relates to filter with value w/o percent and filter any debuff effect with percent)
* FIXED exception getting reports (DeleteReports feature)
* FIXED gift delete button
* FIXED Stats KoCMon alliance link
* FIXED some style stuff in options tab
* FIXED invalid chars in file
* FIXED some Throne Stuff after Kabam changes (Item name in Salvage preview)
* FIXED some Throne Stuff after Kabam changes (Item name)
* FIXED ReferenceError: effects is not defined (in stats tab)
* FIXED (try) AutoFarm search
* FIXED AutoFarm search
* FIXED Aetherstones delivery (ResourceRequest)
* FIXED Salavage Preview
* MOVED some Option to new Category “Style”
* UPD Salvage Filter new option “% only”
* CHANGE Default Options for KoC Scripts Tab (now disabled)
* CLEANUP some useleass code to optimize KoC Power – Multilang
* LANGPACK VERSION: 2.9 – 14/05/2012

# 12 / 05 / 2012
Version: 2.0.5
INFO Salvage Settings cleared. User need to configure!
INFO The Latest version of Greasemonkey(0.9.19) contains errors please install Version: 0.9.18 until they fixed! or use Scriptish…

* NEW Salvage Filter Save X Items
* NEW Salvage Filter Effect Percent
* ADD more Information and Links into Options Tab
* ADD more translation stuff
* UPDATE Salvage Preview additional shows reason
* UPDATE Salvage Preview filter setting for keep/delete items
* FIXED Marches-Tab Hide Raids checkbox in new line moved
* FIXED Marches-Tab short troop names
* FIXED some other small stuff…
* FIXED Salvage Revise
* FIXED Salvage UI/Settings
* FIXED Repeat Button, Catapult not filled out
* FIXED chat remove “Du bist Hilfe Nr”
* FIXED pattern for english chat message in german koc
* FIXED Food Warning: Buttons
* FIXED AutoTrain: Supply Troops enabled
* FIXED stuff on Dark Forest Tab
* CHANGE Troop Information in Info Tab with Throne and Booster values
* MOVED some Options in Options Tab for better overview
* CLEANUP some useleass code to optimize KoC Power – Multilang
* LANGPACK VERSION: 2.8 – 12/05/2012

# 06 / 05 / 2012
Version: 2.0.4
* NEW changed gift tab to send gifts
* NEW Hyperlinks and Throne Might in Stats Tab
* NEW Type Select on Auto Salvage
* NEW Destroy Now in Auto Build
* NEW Preview Button for Delete Throne Items
* NEW Speedups in Auto Train Tab
* FIXED Throne Item Delete Type Filter
* FIXED Stuff on Set me Away Option
* FIXED bugs for Throne Effect Stats
* FIXED stuff on DarkForest and Crest Tab
* FIXED intervall stuff
* FIXED Item Delete History Format (now Effect Names)
* FIXED Buttler MarchExtender “Calculate Troops”
* FIXED Repeat Button (Buttler:MarchExtenderPlugin)
* CHANGE Item Delete (new logic, DRAFT, deaktivated)
* LANGPACK VERSION: 2.7 06/05/2012

# 29 / 04 / 2012
Version: 2.0.3
* ADD Changelog Files in Options Tab
* ADD  CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/
* NEW Installed Script Note in Options -> KoC Power – Settings
* FIXED missing lang in Movement Tab
* NEW Enable delete gifts report button in inbox
* MOVED Developer, Team and Vip Avatars into Hall of Fame
* LANGPACK VERSION: 2.6 29/04/2012

# 28 / 04 / 2012
Version: 2.0.2
* NEW Option to set Chat Food Alert Intervall
* NEW Option for Food Alert Sound and Background Color
* NEW Option for Alliance Chat Background Color
* NEW Option to set Fontcolor for all Background Colors
* NEW Delete Intervall for Delete Throne Items
* FIXED Save Items Effects for Delete Throne Items
* FIXED missing langstuff in Crafting Popup
* NEW need Aehterstone in Crafting Popup
* NEW Post Range and Range Debuff on incomming Attacks
* CHANGED some costmetic stuff in Crafting Popup
* CHANGED some costmetic in Option Tab
* FIXED improved Search for DF, Farm and Search Tab
* CLEANUP removed useless code to optimize KoC Power – Multilang
* FIXED some other small syntax stuff…
* LANGPACK VERSION: 2.5 – 28/04/2012

# 23 / 04 / 2012
Version: 2.0.1
* FIXED Auto Delete Throne Items
Version: 2.0.0
* NEW / * FIXED much more just test it your self please =)
* NEW complete new layout
* NEW Update System from 2.0.0 you are able to load all Langpacks + Module + Plugins for each version (if you want to download an older version)
* NEW Apothecary, Throne and ThroneStuff Tab
* NEW Main code completely overwritten with a better structure for faster loading and prevention of overloading browser
* NEW almoast all Tabs Reworked…
* NEW TAB were divided into 2 tab buttons for a better overview
* NEW ActionLog is now Logbook
* NEW production tab for an overview of your production
* NEW I’m Away … (only on Kabam!) / issues for refresh when multiple servers are active!
* NEW Crest tab is now able to attack cities and add routes
* NEW (update) by chat command information and links to the script (FULLY ADJUSTABLE)
* NEW Automatic update information in the alliance chat (displayed at each refresh until you have completed the update!)
* CLEANUP removes a lot of useless options in order to save CPU and RAM resources
* CLEANUP removes useless code optimization
* NEW Completely new Langpacks because the old ones were no longer crowded with the langvars
* NEW Completely new upload script with better structure for faster (fixes memory overload the computer / browser)
* UPDATE SCRIPTS: { KoC Scripters Bot: 20120419b, KoC Scripters Tools: 20120412d, BeWorld: 3.551 } (thx to you all for your hard work)
* LANGPACK VERSION: 2.4 – 23/04/2012

# 12 / 03 / 2012
Version: 1.3.9
* ADD Aetherstone support (ressource request / march)

# 09 / 03 / 2012
Version: 1.3.8
* FIXED typos in options tab
* FIXED Auto Train Button not working…
* ADD Amazingred’s modifications (keep all range items) for Throne room delete
* ADD Scout and Cav to Crest Tab
* ADD New User and Vip Avatars (thanks for Donation)

# 09 / 03 / 2012
Version: 1.3.7
* NEW Throne Tab
* NEW Manual Reassign and Transport Tab
* NEW Supply Tab to Manage the Ressource
* NEW Auto Delete Throne Items
* REWORKED Reassign,Auto Train and Train Tab  with some new Features and smaller layout
* MOVED Wall Train Options to Auto Train Tab
* ADD more base64 Images (troop images, smileys and some other…)
* ADD New User and Vip Avatars (thanks for Donation)
* ADD Throne Speedups to Train, Build and other Tabs… (not visible)
* FIXED March Time was not display correct
* FIXED Speedups for WallBuild
* FIXED Auto Publish to wall not working
* FIXED some spelling issues in Langpacks  en/it/es/fr/tr/gr/pt
* REMOVED Dynamic Transport Tab
* REMOVED Chatpane Plugin and bring it back to Main Script
* UPDATE Movement Tab
* CLEANUP small code cleanup
* LANGPACK VERSION: 0.5.2 – 09/03/2012

# 08 / 02 / 2012
Version: 1.3.6
* FIXED some stuff in Knight Tab
* ADD Reassign now Button to Movement Tab
* ADD New User and Vip Avatars (thanks for Donation)
* REMOVE useless info from Reassign Tab
* FIXED Auto Craft not saving Numbers
* FIXED some spelling issue on Movement Tab

# 05 / 02 / 2012
Version: 1.3.5
* NEW All Crafting Items in Crafting Tab
* ADD New User and Vip Avatars (thanks for Donation)
* CHANGE Min. Aehtersteine now 5000 and no more 50.000
* MOVED Avatar together (couple avatare)
* FIXED Chat Stuff Extra again in main script
* FIXED some error on crafting Tab also “can’t enable crafting” is fixed now
* CLEANUP small code cleanup
* LANGPACK VERSION: 0.5.1 – 05/02/2012

# 21 / 01 / 2012
Version: 1.3.4
* ADD New User and Vip Avatars (thanks for Donation)
* NEW more Dynamic Tabs: Chat, Auto Craft, Fake, Tournament, Raid, DarkForest, Map,
Search, OverView, Build, Auto Scout, Train, Player, Gift, Transport, Movement and ActionLog (are loading now in Seperate files)
* NEW more Dynamic Plugins: Report Hotlink, Delete Reports, Alliance Battle Reports, Food Alert,
Gold Collector, FairieKiller, Battle Rpt, ChatStuff Extras, TabManager, Debug Stuff, Chat Pane, Export to KoC Attack (are loading now in Seperate files)
* CLEANUP small code cleanup
* LANGPACK VERSION: 0.4.9 – 21/01/2012

# 19 / 01 / 2012
Version: 1.3.3
* FIXED Some stats Stuff
* ADD New User and Vip Avatars (thanks for Donation)
* NEW Buttler, Knight, Alliance, Reports and Website Tabs are loading now in Seperate files
* ADD more Sound and File Server Source to prevent alert not working…
* UPDATE Links for Support group in Banner Box
* LANGPACK VERSION: 0.4.8 – 19/01/2012

# 14 / 01 / 2012
Version: 1.3.2
* FIXED Gift Tab (thx jontey)
* ADD New User Avatars (thanks for Donation)
* NEW Inventory, Spam, Crest, Wild Dynamic Tab Loading now
* FIXED incoming attack german language

# 11 / 01 / 2012
Version: 1.3.1
* FIXED problems with Chat Stuff
* FIXED Avatar was not display
* LANGPACK VERSION: 0.4.7 – 08/01/2012

# 08 / 01 / 2012
* NEW File and Sound Server can select in Options -> Power
* NEW load images from JavaScript file on first install!
* FIXED Tournament Check
* FIXED some chat stuff for chat width
* FIXED some avatar stuff…
* FIXED Script Logo URL
* FIXED Dark Forest – Will no longer consider knights of 55 combat to be valid choices for dark forest attacks.
* FIXED some style stuff…
* SPLIT some tabs in OverView
* MOVED images and default sounds on our and googlecode server
* CHANGE some default Options (if sound alerts not working hit Reset behind the
Sound Url Input boxes) or (hit RESET ALL)
* ADD new vip avatar in hall of fame
* ADD wind mobile to providers
* CLEANUP small code cleanup
* LANGPACK VERSION: 0.4.7 – 08/01/2012

# 12 / 30 / 2011
* ADD more Vip UserIDs
* CHANGE the Subtab Extra in Options to Avatar and Redesign also added some Information how to get an own Avatar
* FIXED some style issues
* FIXED some style issues for Chat
* NEW KoC Scripts – Hall of Fame (in Avatar Tab)
* CHANGE some default Colors i recommed to hit Reset Colors in Colors Options
* NEW Alert Image for TowerAlert, WildAttack, LowFood
* FIXED TowerAlert, WildAttack, LowFood and Player Backgrounds and AlertSounds
was not working
* FIXED TowerAlert, WildAttack, LowFood and Player Backgrounds and AlertSounds
for all Language (works if diff lang message in chat)
* CLEANUP small code cleanup

# 12 / 28 / 2011
* FIXED replaced koc-power-pdx.googlecode.com referrence in Buttler Code (Not allowed in library) using now new Checkbox Images
* CLEANUP remove some useless code and shorten the code with 1 line coding (removed over 2000 lines)
* FIXED Chat witdh (if the chat was to small the Message was display under the avatar)
* MOVED Chat Time over Avatar
* FIXED Chat Lord Name Color not change
* LANGPACK VERSION: 0.4.6 – 12/28/2011

# 12 / 24 / 2011
* FIXED Resource Stats  (moved a bit to right looks better)
* FIXED small stuff on Chat width Option
* ADD KoC Mon Link in Player Tab (Player Search)
* FIXED problems on Tournament Check
* ADD Glory in Report Tab
* FIXED Items can use now in Inventory Tab (just click on Image)
* ADD more Informations in Tournament Tab
* CLEANUP remove some useless code
* LANGPACK VERSION: 0.4.5 – 12/24/2011

# 12 / 22 / 2011
* FIXED Vip and Team Avatars only shows after refresh
* ADD more Vip User IDs
* FIXED Wishper Background Color
* CLEANUP remove some useless code

# 12 / 19 / 2011
* NEW KoC Scripts – Team and Vip Avatar (all KoC Power – Multilang User can see
* NEW Whisper to you on Tournament Start
* NEW Select Chat width on Position Tab
* NEW Set Rpt Delete Intervall and Auto Delete Reinforce reports
* NEW Reworked AutoTrain Tab (no more notes in ActionLog tab now)
* NEW Crest Tab with new Method
* NEW Set your own Avatar (only you can see it)
* NEW sort for Glory in Alliance Tab
* NEW Save Attacks in Movement Tab
* NEW Might and Glory view fix
* NEW Resource view fix
* NEW Player SubTab, set now up to 30 diff Player Backgrounds
* NEW Craft more items
* NEW Show your UserID in Players Tab
* NEW disable/enable Tournament Check
* NEW export Data to Combat Tab from Scout Reports
* FIXED some issue in the Langpacks
* FIXED Error on Rallypoint lvl 12
* FIXED Chat width was not shown correct
* FIXED Error on city search
* FIXED some issue on tabManager
* FIXED ERROR: PARSE Error (ver:1, giftId not found) – page 5
* FIXED on Transport only Wagons was shown
* FIXED Crest Search only sends 1 mm
* FIXED some Issues in Marches Tab and change some view things…
* FIXED some style issues if Chat is on the left
* FIXED some issues in Search Tab
* FIXED a lot issues in Report Tab
* FIXED Issue on AutoUpdater
* FIXED Ore and Wood Guardian for Attacker and Defender
* FIXED a lot Style Issues fixed and using now a new mehtode to load the
style… (feeling faster now)
* CHANGED a lot Default Colors (i recommend to hit RESET COLORS)
* CHANGED troops and attack as Whisper Command for Chat Tab
* CHANGED New Design for Options Tab maby i will make some changes on that but
its faster like this…
* CHANGED Max Search Distance for Dark Forest is now 125
* ADD Upload Sounds! link in Sanctuary Tab
* ADD Captcha Fix for Build Tab (not sure working or not just copy&paste)
* ADD some new Smileys
* ADD Auto Build Guardian in Build Tab
* MOVED Setting for Popup witdh and custom WideScreen witdh moved to Position
* CLEANUP removed a ton of useless code again…
* UPDATE Combat Tab
* LANGPACK VERSION: 0.4.4 – 12/20/2011

for older changelog please view this page in German please…


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